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25 01, 2020

Public; BobDJ & MadameSamanthaB Provide Ana L Candid Aftercare


BobDJ and MadameSamanthaB with European Naughty Girl Ana L Bob and I have been friends for years... We enjoy each other's company... So when we heard that Ana L was coming to America (from the Netherlands) & going to join us at a spanking party, we knew we wanted to create a video together! Fortunately, [...]

Public; BobDJ & MadameSamanthaB Provide Ana L Candid Aftercare2020-01-25T14:57:18-06:00
19 01, 2020

Let Me Read You a Story; The Humiliating Hallway, a spanking of necessity x2


Audio Reading for your Erotic Listening Pleasure Picture this: 10:30pm Saturday night in a long, quiet & dimly lit public hallway… At the end of the hall are doors leading outside to a desolate taxi stand. In front of those doors, stands a man speaking loudly to a woman. He’s dressed in [...]

Let Me Read You a Story; The Humiliating Hallway, a spanking of necessity x22020-01-25T14:27:49-06:00
16 01, 2020

PublicX2; My Interview with @AmyFoxlet, the fox girl


I am reposting this interview with Amy to entice you to become a Member & receive Amy & my first self-produced #petplay kinky video together (edited by our dear friend, @SarahGregory02.) That video will be the next post to Members Only! This was the first time I've ever interviewed an animal! @Amyfoxlet is what her [...]

PublicX2; My Interview with @AmyFoxlet, the fox girl2020-01-16T21:06:19-06:00
10 01, 2020

Public- Dead Tree with MadameSamanthaB


            Like what I do? Subscribe to this page for free content. But… if you want to SHOW ME THE LOVE by becoming a monthly MEMBER here. You will receive personal, extra special &kinky content right out of my twisted mind, Oh my! Namaste, MadameSamanthaB

Public- Dead Tree with MadameSamanthaB2020-01-10T23:51:08-06:00
3 01, 2020

Public; MadameSamanthaB’s Kinky Masked Yoga


My commitment to you in 2020; I will personally engage with thought, respect, kindness & kinky shenanigans! To do that, I'll continue to reach for daily balance. Moment to moment... Or at least try.. Hahaha After 30 years of practice, I have found that yoga provides me with that balance. It calms me in my [...]

Public; MadameSamanthaB’s Kinky Masked Yoga2020-01-03T22:24:11-06:00
30 12, 2019

Let Me Read My Sexy Story to You: “Clandestine Rendezvous”


An Audio Recording for your listening pleasure... MadameSamanthaB Reads Her Kinky Story Told in my voice, here is a sexy fantasy I wrote. Be prepared for my kind of salacious fun! --------------------------------------------------------- He shut the door and we were finally alone. I walked over to one end of the long couch& sat down. [...]

Let Me Read My Sexy Story to You: “Clandestine Rendezvous”2019-12-30T22:29:49-06:00