5 12, 2017

A John Osborne Caning…


To Cane or Be Caned... The title of a past caning that I experienced & wrote about; Audio Recording for your Listening Pleasure Not only am I the hostess of the Shadow Lane Labor Day Party http://shadowlane.com/party36.html  but, it's common knowledge that I am an accomplished Dominant (Top) over Submissive (Bottom) women. [...]

A John Osborne Caning…2017-12-05T17:49:13-06:00
22 11, 2017

My Ideas for Sexy or Erotic Holiday Gifts


3 Posts that include Sexy & Erotic Holiday Gifts In 3 posts I've written, I high lighted items that I like& use, am curious about or want to purchase in the future. Some will even fit in a holiday stocking! 3 Best Spanking Implements Anal Plug Play Best Rabbit Vibrators I've also accumulated an assortment of additional Erotic [...]

My Ideas for Sexy or Erotic Holiday Gifts2017-11-22T14:42:23-06:00
29 04, 2017

3 Best Spanking Party Implements


Getting ready for a spanking play party? Want to make sure you have the proper implements to create both pain and pleasure for your partner? Here are 3 of my suggestions to juice up your time together! If you have the occasion to practice before the party (perhaps on yourself or on a pillow), I suggest [...]

3 Best Spanking Party Implements2017-11-22T13:56:01-06:00
30 03, 2017

Menage a Trois; An Anal Plug Story


AUDIO RECORDING FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE I decided to take advantage of the situation and first watch you get the spanking you so well deserved for disturbing me at work. Spanking to Start The surprise on both of your faces was priceless when I told our ultra-feminine Dominatrix [...]

Menage a Trois; An Anal Plug Story2017-11-22T14:04:29-06:00
16 03, 2017

GIRLS ONLY; “Tails” that can be told


An Audio Recording for Your Listening Pleasure After posting the invitation for the GIRLS ONLY event, I was privately contacted by several titillated cuties. Some wrote that they were “shy” but found the invite intriguing. Each was concerned that they would be pushed past their comfort level. Even though the event was [...]

GIRLS ONLY; “Tails” that can be told2017-03-16T13:38:30-06:00
8 03, 2017

Best Rabbit Vibrator Collection; The Skies the Limit!


Rabbit Vibrators for women are designed with a variety of different functions. These wonderful female sex toys can have multi-speeds, be battery operated or be rechargeable, be waterproof for bathtub play and the like. $75+  This well-rated selection of "bunnies" have functions that successfully give women outstanding external and G-Spot orgasms. Click the one that [...]

Best Rabbit Vibrator Collection; The Skies the Limit!2017-11-22T14:09:44-06:00
28 02, 2017

An Erotic Party; What Good Naughty Girls Want!


Our February "Fantasy weekend" Here's a teaser... just a few of the images I got to drink in first hand. Enjoy! A flogging master at work!   Loving this...Like a day at the spa.       The Black and Blue Suede Flogger Suede strands feel the best! Black and Blue [...]

An Erotic Party; What Good Naughty Girls Want!2017-03-16T11:35:56-06:00
19 02, 2017

Favorite Gifts in Men’s Lingerie


I had no idea that sexy lounge pants would be such a positive addition to our home and sexual life. We got a set for my Toy Master and he loves to wear them around the house before we have a playful evening. It has become a sort of signal to his interest in going [...]

Favorite Gifts in Men’s Lingerie2017-02-19T18:04:55-06:00
18 02, 2017

Sexy “Girls Only” Playtime


An Audio Recording For Your Listening Pleasure Recently, my cousin said to me “I wish I could hear what’s going on inside your head for 24 hours.” I looked her right in the eyeballs with the retort… “Are you sure?” One of my favorite pastimes is looking forward to an event, but especially [...]

Sexy “Girls Only” Playtime2017-02-18T18:49:37-06:00
5 02, 2017

Best Plus Size Lingerie for Her Valentine’s Day Gift


Turbulent times are around us every minute of every day. Balance is even more important during this challenging life climate. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you taking care of her? So... what's happening behind your closed doors? Are you still giving and getting sexual satisfaction? During difficult times it's important to make sure you [...]

Best Plus Size Lingerie for Her Valentine’s Day Gift2017-03-08T11:25:30-06:00