Audio Reading of “Beach Masturbation: A Story that Will Curl Your Toes”

Beach Masturbation

Audio Reading for your Erotic Listening Pleasure

Sitting in my beach chair at the end of the day, I’m finally alone and can listen to your audio recording. As my finger pushes play, I think about how nice it would be if you could touch my play button directly. I giggle to myself.
Without a pause, you start speaking:
“I want to touch every inch of you with my eyes, my fingers, and my tongue.”
What an opening line! Just hearing your deep, gravelly voice form those words makes my entire body shiver. Having promised myself that I’d watch the very last drop of sun sink into the water, I realize that my eyes are closed. I want to capture every morsel of sound you speak, but I know I have to blink my eyes open. I’ll be able to drink in your voice over and over again if I so choose. Today’s light, however, will be gone forever.

Mental masturbation begins…

My skin can feel the cooling of the sea air drop as my temperature begins to rise. I’m lost just imagining your tongue seeking its way across my personal horizon. You continue to share your salacious quest. Intently listening, I visualize along the way. My toes curl in the sand. I pause you to take in that last flash of sun.

Then I bring you back to speak.
“Spreading you open I can see, lick and smell your secret place.”

Having fulfilled my promise of viewing sunlight, I allow my eyes to slide shut. I can completely dive deep into our mutual head trip. My thoughts focus on the heat from your mouth. It makes my body shift and my back arch to accommodate your desires.

In the pending darkness, I hear my gasps escape my lickable lips.
Imagining myself sitting straddled on top of you, I feel your package beneath my bottom begin to pulsate. Its throb alone magically produces moisture between my legs. To squeeze you, I pinch my buttocks tightly. Even while listening to the calming sea sounds, your whisper makes my heart rate race. Every seductive image you paint penetrates deep into my mind. Squirming, the friction clearly has lit my fire. Breathless, your imagery exposes me. My knees tuck & my back arches more. My panties are synched up my crack. They smash both lower lips. Pinching & squishing begins to cause uncontrollable twitching. With my eyes still closed, I imagine you growing right there near my holes. The cooling air has no effect on my burning nether region.
Oh, the power of the mind…touchless, I feel charmed &coy, teetering in an orgasmic state. Holding at bay, a long, high-pitched quality ride…
Then you speak once again. “Rub your juicy lips over my cock.”

Finally touching herself…

Your timing knows and gives me permission to finally touch myself. Still, in my chair with the sea at my feet, the natural darkness shields me from site. So, I open my plump lips & imagine wrapping them around your shaft. You hold my hips. Grinding my bottom from right to left while I continue to squeeze your hardness.
Everything swells as you direct my fingers to crawl inside my lips, pulling, spreading, and flattening me open. Pretending they’re your fingers makes my special-spot-super-sensitive and wet. Vibrating high, eventually I lose track as you hold me steady.
My orgasm starts to release into a dense, inescapable explosion from low& deep inside. Feeling safe & therefore more lost, I hold my breath as it runs away with my body attached. The sand, the water, and the air all disappear from my mind. My mind’s hold is the only thing remaining. Your voice demands I let it go, so I do…relieved. With a burst and then a squeeze, my O takes over. Slowly in a hard, strong, long roar until empty.


Sitting in a heap on my chair I eventually open my eyes. I’m back with the sea lapping at my toes that dug deep into the cooling sand. My breath slows as I recognize the satisfaction my body now feels in every corner of its outline.

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