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Her Sex Speaks

Audio Recording for your Erotic Listening Pleasure

Sitting at the gate waiting for our flight to take off, I lay dry and bored in her panties.

Ever since I found out a plane ride was in our future, my mind has been one tracked. Fondle and arouse me to complete orgasm in the airplane lavatory. And, if she were to grant me some action while flying, my need for lubrication would be resolved.

Finally relieved to feel the plane roll away from the terminal we get ready for flight. Hopeful, I try my best to remain patient and tell myself that soon it will be my turn.

Why does she always think that holding her legs tightly together will keep others from knowing I’m here and on a mission? Actually… as long as she knows, I really don’t care about anyone else.

Public Masturbation

In my opinion, sitting in a window seat on a full flight is always a bad idea. It just takes more effort for me to get her motivated enough to stand, crawl over the seats, walk up the aisle and enter the bathroom.

But there really isn’t anything I can do about it. After all, she does still wield the power to make all decisions… I’ll just have to keep calm and wait for the fasten seatbelt light to go off.

Tick-tock… Waiting for the airplane to reach its flying height always feels like purgatory. Like holding my breath, I’ve just got to hold on till she can touch me. So, like on every other flight, I occupy my time by carefully planning our bathroom escape route.

Luckily, this trip is already appearing more promising than the last cross-country flight. On that ride, we sat next to a large, smelly woman who put the “kibosh” on any action for me that trip. It was just miserable…

In partnership with her Internal Voice (known to me as IV), we bother her enough to trigger some erotic fantasies. IV already has her exchanging flirtatious words with the man sitting next to us. He is handsome and is not wearing a wedding ring.

That’s when we get the green light. I’m finally able to release a pulse from where I lay dormant between her legs. An exciting moment shared by all three of us. Great incentives that further grow some twitching from my epicenter.

Lying like a lion in wait, I concentrate on redirecting the blood that had begun to settle in the wrong places. My efforts are meant to get her legs uncrossed and eventually spread just enough for the blood flow to pool in my direction. (Not trying to sound conceited, but when given the chance, I’m pretty good at it.)

Mile High Masturbation

All IV and I care about is what it’ll take to peak her interest enough to want a solo bathroom encounter. Our “single-mindset,” along with more sexy thoughts about the brown-haired, clean smelling guy next to us makes it appear more promising. IV happily assists further by helping her formulate fantasies into a mile high encounter with this svelte specimen of a human.

Happy day, it’s working! Her legs begin to open as an erotic story that includes his tongue licking me, continues. Thankfully, the thought alone generates moisture that turns juicy. No more drought!

Now IV and I begin our silent chanting…

You want and desperately need to masturbate to orgasm.

Yeah, 30,000 feet has been reached.

Joyfully, my persistent pulsing appears to be working faster than usual. She’s the first to unbuckle her seat belt. Coyly, but with intention, she politely turns to her handsome inspiration and explains her need to get up. About to rise himself, she tells him not to bother, she’s limber and able to skirt by him.

Clueless, he smiles as she stands. Lightly, her cheeks touch his knees as she slowly slides over his lap.
I am clearly wet by now. Excited for the chance to really get the relief I have wanted since we first sat down.

IV and I are equally aroused as she threads her way down the bumpy aisle, into the aft bathroom and locks the door with hands that we all know want to go elsewhere…