The Gym, part 2 of 4

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When we reached the top of the stairway at City Athletic Club we looked at the silver metal and leather apparatus as though in a candy store. So many possibilities! Then, with familiarity, as though it was his own personal gym, he took my hand and guided me over to the slanted bench where I was used to doing my sit ups. Proceeding to position me on it with my knees hooked between the rollers, he laid me back onto the downward slanting bench. Before the blood began pooling to my head he straddled the bench with my body on it and leaned forward till his eyes were directly facing my covered mound. I watched him hungrily look at my body. Then his hands grabbed and held my thighs open so I had no choice but to take whatever he was going to give. Lowering his mouth onto my thinly covered crotch he blew a warm, slow, steamy breath making the blood in my body forget to flow downward.
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Ahhh… My eyes shut, my body went limp and my hands fell towards the floor. His mouth stayed locked on me like a suction cup, slowly inhaling and exhaling. Intentionally he was sending hot moisture through my leotards, between my lips and up my crack. Everything was hot and getting wetter with each breath. I began losing track of everything around me at CAC as my mind visualized a close up of exactly what he was doing. His mouth was strong and his tongue probing even through the material in its way. My excitement was building with every breath and my bump turned camel toe. Without noticing, my back began arching and my privates, wanting more began pressing against his relentless mouth.

Mutual Erotic Oral Sex continued…

With my eyes still shut, I took a deep inhale to smell his clean skin in my nostrils. So beguiled by his scent I opened my eyes to find the trunk of his body in my face. From mindless to revved up, all of a sudden my wilted arms awoke. Impulsively my hands reached around his back grabbing for his ass. In surprise, his butt tensed for a moment and then relaxed. It was defined and easy to hold. He continued blowing as my fingers dug into him in reaction to his persistence. What had started as a mere warm spot was turning into an overwhelming hot zone. I pulled him closer to my face as he continued stoking the lower half of my body.

Then, curiosity kicked in and I moved my hands back around and inside his loose shorts giving me direct access to his long smooth erect penis for the very first time. My mouth began watering just feeling it in my hands. I wanted to put him inside my mouth to reciprocate this literally, breathtaking experience. So I pulled his shorts down till I was staring at his cock. Just as expected, it was strong &vital up close. Holding him by his base along with his balls I sucked him smoothly into my mouth, deeply and slowly the first several times. He tasted fresh and I could feel his power in my mouth. Then I began teasing his tip with my tongue while holding and stroking him.  My attention left my own hot spot, focusing on his. I was salivating as I sucked, squeezed and strongly held his manhood in my mouth. I could feel his entire body react to my invasion. Because his mouth was still locked on me, the noises he was making directly vibrated my clit hidden deeply between my now swollen lips. His cock got harder with every lick of my tongue and I could taste his salty liquid begin to escape. Our games had started with both of us fully engaged in the win.

Perhaps he was getting too excited because he unlatched himself from my bump and pulled his cock out of my mouth. Immediately, my mind flipped back to what was now a drenched hot mess between my legs. He carefully helped me sit up from the reclined bench. Lightheaded from the blood leaving both my head and my privates, I leaned onto his taut belly as he stood in front of me. My entire crotch was soaking and my libido still vibrating from the aftermath of our joined oral experience. Rested, I looked up into his eyes with a “semi-satisfied” grin.
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