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I’ve created this page for those subscribers who want to also support my Performance Art on a monthly basis.

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    1. $1.99/MO My personalized MadameSamanthaB logo along with my complete appreciation for your continued support of my performance art!
    2. $3.99/MO A smorgasbord of kinky treats; Twice a month, I’ll send you one of my completely twisted & sometimes sexy thoughts. It could be in the form of the written word, a visual image or an audio recording.
    3. $14.99/MO Exclusive Video Clips; Receive unscripted & unedited video clips before& during 2 annual kinky/spanking parties a year (except LSSP) that will include; My pre-party prep with wardrobe selection, Implement selection & packing, watch as I fill my party weekend calendar with video shoots& individual playdates, receive exclusive photos first.

Note: The email you use to pay for your membership, is the email where I will send your exclusive (saucy, sexy) content.


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