2018 Interview with #ClareFonda aka #JamieFosterXXX my favorite Cougar/Comedian

Let me introduce, Fetish Porn Star Clare Fonda/Jamie FosterXXX

Clare/Jamie & I will be shooting some new content this coming Labor Day during the Shadow Lane 2019 party weekend. So, I thought it made sense to re-post her interview for your enjoyment, It’ll be a fun introduction to our back story & the friendship we’ve grown over the many years.


I got to interview my fellow kinkster& comedian, Clare Fonda aka JamieFosterXXX in early 2018. She was sassy, smart, sexy & honest! Below is the original post along with the link to a working video!

Welcome to the whacky world of Clare Fonda aka Jamie FosterXXX!

Clare joins me from her home in San Fernando Valley, California. While doing her manicure (not pedicure!) she explains her sexy history moving from the spanking world to the porn world. A daring move for this… almost 50-year-old Cougar extraordinaire! (Today she is 50yo & proud!)


Cougar Porn star #ClareFonda aka #JamieFoster

The images below are from a spanking video Clare & I shot together. The actual video (A kitchen lesson!) will be available when you become a Member…

The scenario goes… I am renting Clare a room in my “House of Kink.” Clare is turning my house into a “House of ill repute” by inviting men to have sex in my house! How dare you!!! I show her in my own way that her behavior is unacceptable!

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