25 Years of Shadow Lane Spanking Parties

It is important to remember what brings you joy…


Especially in the wake of this week’s historic occurrences.

If the act of spanking (giving or receiving) tops your “joy” list, you will want to read on!

Eve Howard

Eve Howard is one of the three producers of the Shadow Lane annual gala. Over the years this event has become recognized as the first and one of the primary social organs of the world’s real-life spanking scene. Designed for fellow enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the spicy variation that has preoccupied them for so long.

Eve wrote a magnificent poem commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Shadow Lane Labor Day Party 2016.

Dotted with memories I share, Eve has given me permission to post it here. Not only because of my own 23-year relationship with Shadow Lane and its fetish (which became apparent to me by age 7) but also to remind each of us that life lives inside highs and lows…

Luckily for us… during the lows, we can always turn to spanking. “Naughty, naughty, naughty… now bend over my knee!”

If you have secret spanking desires and are interested in meeting and playing with other like-minded people… This Las Vegas party is the safest and most discreet to attend each year.

Contact Eve on her blog at;  http://shadowlanestore.com/blogs/news

for more information or to attend the Shadow Lane Labor Day Party 2017. (Tell her I sent you!) We are with you& together we will keep spanking! Bon Appetite.



by Eve Howard

They heard there were spanking parties
And wondered – was it true?
Because that thing called spanking
Was the thing they most wanted to do

They dreaded attending a party
Despairing of being too shy
Of being too big, of being too small
Of being a single guy

They continued to read about parties
Until they could stand it no more
They longed to experience spanking
And really go hardcore

They started to make appointments
With penpals not yet met
They also made arrangements
To a spanking, give or get

Booking a room for the party
Their excitement continued to grow
Choosing their outfits, packing their bags
They couldn’t wait to go

The first few spanking parties
Not many women were there
This was the era of personal ads
VHS, magazines, public hair

The rooms were very modest
The suites weren’t very large
But how fondly we remember
Our beloved Sportsman’s Lodge

It had a tiki bar, gliding swans and
an English pub
And once a year became L.A.’s
Premiere spanking club

Through Cosmo ads more women
soon discovered Shadow Lane
They realized they were not alone
They realized they were sane

And they became determined
To breech the Scene and play
To reinvent themselves as debutantes
Who’d gone astray

Of course the spanking parties
Attracted ladies fair
Who weren’t even shy
Of getting spanked upon the bare

The years flew by, the parties grew
Too big for our L.A. hotel
We migrated to hot Palm Springs
Where they soon would know us well

The Riveria had a parrot
and a pair of pools
It also had a Tiki bar
And a ballroom with no rules

In the heat of Coachella
Inhibitions disappear
Some got such a taste for play
They planned a new career

Many spanking parties popped up
All across the land
From coast to coast there now were ways
For bottoms to get tanned

Friendships and relationships
Had already started to form
Suddenly a social life in the Scene
Became the norm

With the internet, our numbers
increased exponentially
Spanking people reaching out
Across the land and sea

We traded warmth for sizzling heat
When we to Vegas moved
And when it came to parties
The hotel space improved

Our dear sweet little Stardust
Had a taste of Vegas old
And what is more, upon their stage
We got bare bottomed bold

But it fell to the wrecking ball
And to Suncoast we went
It has the biggest suites of all
And understands our bent

So every Labor Day
We fill at least two floors
And one can hear crisp spanking sounds
From behind all the doors

Every year sees shining newbies
Mixed with veterans
Various agendas
But all spanking citizens

Some of you we have known for
twenty-five years in all
Some of you will only be
twenty-five this fall!

But no matter how old or how
young we may be
We all speak the language of
Over the knee

It’s something that binds us together
It gives us an identity
We share a common culture
A humor, a mentality

When you go to a spanking party
You’ve decided to commit
You’ve owned your private fetish
And pledged to follow it

We thank you all for trusting us
For all these many years
For coming out and joining us
Despite your doubts and fears

We love your friendly faces
Your wit and sense of fun
The spanking scene is built
Upon your enthusiasm

So always block out Labor Day
To indulge in your most secret pleasure
The world needn’t know your secret
Nor how you spend your leisure

Our gratitude to all our guests
And kind suite party hosts
For all your dear well wishes
And all the lovely toasts

And now all that is left to say is
Happy Halloween
Stay well and we will see you
All in twenty-seventeen!

And here are a couple of toys you might enjoy using at the Shadow Lane 2017 Labor Day party!

Scarlet Spank me Paddle

Ouch! Great paddle for a Shadow Lane party.

Great paddle for your first Shadow Lane party!

Edge Classic Leather Slapper


We all own one of these.

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