An Invitation to Hear My Thoughts…

Life Balance

Searching for balance moment by moment.

Support is suspect, money’s scarce, friends dwindle, trust seems overrated; if not non-existent.

Who am I? Thoughts travel through all 50 states of mind.

How is yours? Are you alright?

These are some of the deep worries I’ve heard come from the right & left of me. Troubled thoughts that challenge each one of us from sun up to sundown, day after day, night after night, & forever.

So overwhelming that balance seems impossible to attain.

Part of the brain just wants to give up.


Therapy, yoga, exercise are real ways to help subside those pesky, negative, unbalanced thoughts… but sometimes even those actions just don’t seem reachable. What then?

This is me, a 64-year-old woman who has also faced every one of those thoughts& challenges.

My Goliath woke me from my semi-sleep for years.

How I made my way out of the pits of despair came from an inner commitment to myself. Knowing that making myself “whole&balanced” was the only way I could add to the planet I inhabited.

An optimist at heart, I never gave up the good fight.

But our desperate need for that change turns to impatience & if not careful, failure…

We are not kind to ourselves… In fact, we are unkind & even careless about & to ourselves.


My 2 lifelong mantras;

Beat the shit out of every moment.

Glide through life gracefully, & be kind along the way.

What I write/speak is solely from my own personal search for balance. If the shoe fits…


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Pearl, my Jewish wise woman taught me how to live honestly& strive for more daily. Now, it’s my turn to pass it forward.

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