Be a Fly-on-the-Wall during a “Couples Spanking Session.”

Couples Spanking Session with a Pro Disciplinarian

Are you curious what a “Couples Session” with me looks like? This couple gave me permission to share a portion of the recording from our real session. All three of us had an awesome time during our time together!

As a Pro Disciplinarian of naughty girls, my task is to mirror the specific roleplay requested by my clients.

In this scene, my client chose to be Lila, a senior at a private girls school.

As principal of that school I had just returned from a lovely luncheon celebrating one of our teacher’s birthdays. Unfortunately, when I returned, Lila was waiting for me in my office. My assistant told me that she had been teaching younger classmates inappropriate things in the dormitory!

Lila was already known as a ringleader of poor behavior. I knew the only way to handle this new indiscretion was with a strict disciplinary session. The kind of session our school was known for. The reason many parents sent their daughters to our school.

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