Memories of My #EuropeanAdventure; Scrumptious French Food!

Memories of My #EuropeanAdventure

In November of 2018, I took myself on a European Adventure. Between the views, the food & my kinky friends… I was in heaven!

My memories are so filled with joy, adventure & playful women… I thought I’d run the series of posts again for your pleasure. Hoping my quips& clips give you something enjoyable to think about.

PS- After posting this series, Instagram deleted my account cause I’m so bad!. So none of the Instagram clips work, OY.

#joinme; told by this Pro Disciplinarian

I am back from my #EuropeanAdventure with lots to share! Pictures, videos, and personal realizations while traveling another continent, eating & being kinky!

So, the holidays are coming. I know they can be stressful& difficult to maneuver through sometimes. My December posts will have that in mind. I’m developing them to relieve some of that pressure. Offering you a reminder that seeking balance (whether it be kinky or not) is so important.

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My Provocative Playtime would (of course) include Delicious Food

Though I don’t consider myself a “Foodie,” I do appreciate food that is beautifully displayed & tastes even better! My entire #EuropeanAdventure was filled with just that kind of edibles.

To really do the “Free-Form Dance,” I gave myself two rather unusual guidelines: One, don’t count calories & two, never eat in the same establishment twice.

Sidewalk Cafes for coffee & pastries were easy, there were many at every intersection.

Mussels, Endive, Bone Marrow & Shrimp

OMG! The food was incredible!



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#paris2018 My last supper, French drink, duck with mashed potatoes& dessert! ?

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“My #EuropeanAdventure; Parisian Sites & Sounds”


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Parisian sidewalk sites. #prodomme #NaughtyGirl #spanking #joinme

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Parisian sidewalk sites! #prodomme #spanking #naughtygirls #joinme

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