My #EuropeanAdventure; London Sites & Sounds w Sexy @Confess2MissZoe

#joinme; told by this Pro Disciplinarian

My #EuropeanAdventure continues as I travel by Eurostar from Paris to London to see the sites and visit friends DodgyDave and ZoePage.

They include pictures, videos, and personal realizations while traveling another continent, eating & being kinky!

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Often looking for what is unseen, my eyes scan up, down and all around. Capturing what moves me and indicates the truth in that very moment. #JoinMe to enjoy my view…

National Portrait Gallery, London

The Portrait Museum, London


The National Portrait Museum, London exhibit, BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK

I was welcomed into my friend DodgyDave’s castle. Thank you, DDD!

DodgyDave recorded our video with my “bottom bite” of exotic, sexy guest star, Princess Zoe on Twitter and Confess2MissZoe on FetLife.

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“My #EuropeanAdventure: Spain Sites & Sounds w @Confess2MissZoe”

Zoe driving?! Watch out!!




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