My Interview with Adorable @LittleKikiCali

My Interview with @LittleKikiCali

In this video interview, Kiki&I had just finished recording a really sexy spanking scene for our members.

In the scene, I, of course, was Kiki’s mommy. But there was a naughty twist. I was way more “verbally raunchy” than usual. Of course, that’s because it was produced by Kiki& I, so we could do whatever we wanted! After, I review… I thought “I really am a perv!” HA!

That video is titled “Caught Rubbing not Reading.” You can listen to Kiki& I chat about it a bit in the promo clip below her interview.. We both enjoyed it and boy does Kiki have a sexy bottom!

Here is the promo clip. If you become a Member now, you’ll receive the complete video!

Caught Rubbing Not Reading, a tease for the Member video


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