My Interview with Sultry Submissive, @DeltaHauser

Delta Hauser is a dark, mysterious & creative woman who can steal a spanking scene with her curvaceous buttock & impish grin.


I met up with Delta at her cool & noisy studio overlooking the busy streets of Los Angeles. We got to chatting while sitting on her cushy couch. Giving Delta a moment… I looked at my surroundings & noted I was backdropped with sexy colorful leather brassieres. They were definitely going to be apart of our conversation…

She told me about her favorite personal fetishes & how they were really what generated her love for horror flicks. Especially “Mommy Dearest!”

After, she did show me those beautiful hand-stitched, wearable art & teased me with her musical skills. And… at the end of our time together, I had to give her a spanking (with a hanger), right?


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