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Naughty Boys18+ Welcome to My OnlyFans Page

Since I was 7 years old, spanking naughty girls (not boys) was always part of my secret kinky mind. I can’t explain why… Never spanked as a child it was still my own personal sexy trigger.

Fortunately for me, as I turned legal in San Francisco in the ’70s, I began finding a community of naughty girls wanting& sometimes even begging for me to put them across my knees, pull their panties down and spank their bare bottoms.

Forty years later, I turned that favorite hobby into a fantasy fulfillment provider. I began getting paid to fulfill “impact play” fantasy sessions for persons identifying as female. Many times with an audience or a camera watching. Oh my, it was a dream come true!

Advice from this Kinky Pro Disciplinarian & OG

Throughout the years, men have always requested my expertise. Always disappointing them, sadly it was not in my genes.

Today I sit mostly at home pinning over the fact that it is no longer safe for me to do what has become a regular practice: Attending parties & shooting videos where there is always that naughty girl who needs paddling. Boohoo…

After several months of a spanking draught, I have had to do some serious reflecting on my kinky life & the boundaries they include. So late at night while under the covers, I have cum to a new understanding. Until further notice, my in-person dirty experiences must migrate solely to an online presence.

This realization has opened an entirely new door for me. Online, I can be available to all of the boys & men who have wanted to play with me!

Want to “sexy chat?” Need to be scolded? Or have kinky questions?

Join me on my OnlyFans page

Where I meet up with some of my kinky girlfriends like #ClareFonda aka @msJamiefoster

My new online presence will also welcome paying gentlemen 18+. I offer sexy chatting, discipline, storytelling, mentoring & even private sessions. I’ll use all mediums including the written word, audio/video recordings & live streaming.


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A place where I’ll let down my hair… we can play & interact. Join me there!


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