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The life of a kinkster

Before this year was even a bleep on my radar, I had already decided to make a career change. Outwardly I had lived a straight or “vanilla” life as a Graduate Gemologist, jewelry & large stone expert. Inwardly I was always queer and was a long time “kinkster” with more fetishes than most people even know exist.

Though my love for gemology and the creation of natural gemstones has never waned, the superficial status that jewelry began to hold for me became hollow. Even more pointedly, I found that relating to those who were living by the jewelry adage “bigger is better” just didn’t cut it for me any longer. More specifically, my heart could no longer connect to that mindset.

It was a glaring fact that the third trimester of my life was fast approaching. And, unless I wanted to continue down an unfulfilling career path, I was going to have to make a change.

Erotic Stories

Over the past several years, writing had become an essential part of my life. For both business and personal reasons, I had come to depend on my writing skills to express myself. Then, through a series of fortunate events, “Erotica” reared it’s lusciously provocative head. And, on January 1, 2016, I started this erotic blog; JUST ADD SEX AND STIR

Weekly I have been writing and then audio recording my most exciting fantasies. These stories include Kinky Toys (how to best use them and my reviews), Spanking Fantasies, Masturbation Scenes, BDSM,  both Male & Female Domination (over women only) and so much more! My hope was that you, my reader (or listener) would find them to be a respite from your own arduous and sometimes difficult life.

Meanwhile, while writing this risqué content my own personal life became more complicated. It filled with parental health issues and even more unusual: my child began his Transition to male.

Sexy Fantasies in 2016

These fantasies have even opened my mind to new possibilities! It’s created a balance in my own life that I didn’t think possible. I suppose in a way, my writings have been a respite for myself as well.

More Kinky Stories in 2017

Now, 365 days later my writings are enjoyed around the globe by you, fellow or potential fellow “pervs.”

In 2017 I’ll continue to let my mind wonder to far corners of my kinkiest crevices. To share stories that twist your mind and tantalize your libido. May they continue to satisfy your itch and maybe create new places to scratch!
If there is a subject you’d like me to write and speak about, don’t hesitate to let me know. If I have something to share on the subject, you can bet I’ll add it to my list of places my mind wants to go.

I wish each of you a year of good health & happiness. May it be filled with sexy explorations, both mentally and perhaps even physically!