Now Public: My Complete Interview with Mr. Rob, producer of spanking videos & the Crimson Moon party

My Complete Interview with Mr. Rob, Producer of Spanking Videos & the  Crimson Moon

Here is my live stream interview with Mr. Rob, video spanking producer & spanker (on& off screen.)

I refer to him as “Brother” because we’ve previously played siblings in a “naughty niece” spanking shoot. What fun!

We chatted about his spanking history, which included how he played before the internet even existed! Rob also tells us about his childhood fantasies and Delco Productions, his spanking production company.

You’ll see this gentle giant discuss his personal spanking path all the way to 2018& becoming the new owner of the (25th) Chicago, Crimson Moon event in October coming up the weekend of October 11-14.

You can contact them here about attending Crimson Moon.  Tell Mr. Rob I sent you!


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