Public; My Medicare Spanking Celebration!

My Spanking Celebration!

At the 2020 spanking party in Las Vegas, we celebrated the start of my Medicare life, better known as my 65th birthday! OMG, I can’t believe I’m this age! Like a Fellini flick, surreal for sure.

Yep, in March, after 45 years… I will finally be able to stop paying exorbitant prices for my health insurance& instead, be paying Medicare at 1/4th of that price. Giving me enough extra loot to travel& spank more naughty girls!!

During the last month, I’ve planned for this party. My paid Members have gotten to see videos of those preparations. Like selecting outfits to wear (for both the party and video shoots) & deciding which implements to put in my red bag. The day before, I got myself a mani-pedi and had my hair blown, ooh la la!

Below are 3 examples of the kind of video clips I share with my members… If you become a Member, you will get to see!

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Here I’m driving to the party on Thursday… Very excited, indeed!

Still driving while admiring the foliage, HA!

And here I’m getting ready for my Friday night celebration. Naughty girl & friend Reyna was kind enough to shoot this and other videos in my room… So, I returned the favor by taking advantage of her & her beautiful bottom!

I am accepting gifts throughout the month of March… Here is my BIRTHDAY WISHLIST! Just do it, HA!

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