Public; Preparing for a 2/2020 Spanking Party

Preparing for a Spanking Party

I honestly love the month before a #spankingparty. It’s the time I allow myself to fantasize about what I’m going to do (like we all don’t know already!) & to which girls. I also daydream about sexy scenes I might instigate! Oohlala…

Those organic moments can sparkle above the rest of the weekend. It’s always fun staying open to the possibilities, without pushing… Just seeing what or who shows up.

Some of those moments I will share and some I will never share. Those are where I draw boundaries for myself. An essential part of life. Any life.

Below are screenshots from videos I shot today. What are these videos, you ask? One is my reviewing new implements that I’ve been graciously gifted.  Another I’m selecting the implements that will make it into my red bag this time. (All of my toys want to accompany me…)  And then I actually took them shopping for new items. Lastly, of course, the review of outfit possibilities!

I will be sharing each of these videos with my supportive members who give me $14.99/mo. Thank you!

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