Public; Spanking My Princess Zoe @Confess2MissZoe in #Spain2018

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And, since that is true I’ve decided to re-post these sexy pics&videos to wet your whistle.

My visit with @Confess2MissZoe & @Michael_Stamp #Spain11/2018

Memories of my #EuropeanAdventure last year have thankfully lingered& kept me warm during the cold winter nights… Spring is here & I now hope this post rejuvenates your warm evenings with just the right amount of “POW.”

This particular post is one of the juiciest because it includes the time I spent in #Spain spanking the sexy, Princess & fetish model @Confess2MissZoe while her man @Michael_Stamp watches… (& you know how I love an audience!)

Zoe fumbles her way out of passenger parking& safely drives me to her home…

Happily, they live in a semi-private area which allowed all three of us to play our favorite game of spanking anytime we wanted…

Spanking Fun with @Confess2MissZoe & @Michael_Stamp

It’s hard to believe that frying bacon & being my hostess would always include a sexy twist by this vixen!

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Taking in the town while giving myself a break… (from what… spanking Zoe?)

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I have to honestly admit that my first visit to #Spain was not really about seeing the sites & hearing the natural sounds of Spain… (Although some of those are here too.) It was more about seeing& hearing sexy sounds come from the mouth of my adorable girl crush, @Confess2MissZoe, HA!

What fun I had spending time with Zoe’s man, @Michael_Stamp! He was kind enough to be our sole audience during each trip Zoe took over my lap! Sometimes he was even our #PeepingTom

Enough with the words… Here is the proof of play!


Time to go home… My #EuropeanAdventure was better than I could have ever imagined. A toast to all the engaging& welcoming friends & the adventures they provided (along with the years of fantasies they generated!) Cheers!

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