Sexy “Girls Only” Playtime

An Audio Recording For Your Listening Pleasure

Recently, my cousin said to me

“I wish I could hear what’s going on inside your head for 24 hours.”

I looked her right in the eyeballs with the retort… “Are you sure?”

One of my favorite pastimes is looking forward to an event, but especially a kinky one. For me, getting ready can be as exciting as the party itself! (Check out the post I wrote last Summer before the Shadow Lane Labor Day Party.                

Just thinking about it makes my mind gets all atwitter with ideas of ways to make my own interactions at the gathering exciting and sensually twisted. Filled with original ways to turn my play partners on.

In a weeks’ time, I get to attend a special kinky party in Las Vegas. I’ve decided to invite you, my reader, to ride along in my head (with my cousin is she dares!) You might find my approach odd, unorthodox and unusual, but to be sure, you will not find it boring!

To begin, I never have an attachment to who will attend or really what will actually happen once I’m there… That’s the key to what makes this a most thrilling ride!

Thinking about creating something new to bring to a party titillates my mind. What can I do that would be sexy and edgy for others to enjoy?

Then I wallow in my head and review several past saucy encounters. (This could take days of serious thought!) What made those capers so stimulating for both myself and my play partner? And what can I do to emulate that “Joie de vie” feeling again?

I’ve been doing this kind of critical thinking for well over a quarter century. And I can always count on something sexy surfacing.

First time girl-girl sexy playtime

OK, here it comes…bubbling up! Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that while spanking an adorable submissive’s girlie bottom, I sometimes start humping them! Yes, you heard me correctly. Hump, as in what every dog wants to do.

It’s easy to explain why I do the humping thing… Though female in body parts and mind, I’ve got loads of Testosterone.

Deciding to take a closer look at the “humping” situation, I thought further. How do my lovely Subs react to my “hump?”

Well, because I always request a “bottom wiggle” of approval throughout my scenes, I’m able to tell if they don’t like what I’m doing. If they wiggle while I play with them, they like what I’m doing. If they stop wiggling… I stop.

Not necessarily Lesbian Sex Play

Recalling those scenes in my twisted mind… I realize that I’ve never been asked to stop. In truth, many of these lovely ladies even rock with me as I hump them. I suppose that means they like it! Yes, you heard me right.

With that exciting revelation, I continue my thought, “What other things could I do to them that could continue to turn us both on? Maybe, secretly (or not so secretly) they’d want me to do more! Perhaps something more invasive than only the paddling of their tushies and some “body bumping?”

That’s the moment when a cool, new idea came to mind! Create a safe space for girls (who are probably not lesbians, but are girl curious) to express, watch and maybe even play directly with one another in ways they would like, but perhaps never have.

I contacted the sponsor of the party and shared my revelation with him. Now we have a sweet, new event on the weekend’s calendar. Here is the announcement:


Welcome to all “persons identifying as female” who are interested in having some private female/female playtime. (Think of it as a steamy warm-up to a spectacularly sensual &erotic weekend.)

This event is meant to give each lady an opportunity to challenge her own personal boundaries in regards to the sensual aspects of F/F play. (Personally, I’d like to see each of you squirm with delight!)

Know that this is a safe place for sexy chatter, flirting, game playing, watching or engaging in fantasy. (Whatever happens at “Girls Only” stays at “Girls Only.”)

Admission requires you to bring something “edgy” to show and/tell us all. Something perhaps taboo and secret?!

So, start fantasizing about something you’ve always wanted to say, see or do with other ladies… but just never have.
Your own titillating costumes &fantasy toys are of course welcome.

Be timely because along with Show&Tell, I’ll be sharing a few salacious stories that may start some interesting conversations.
Also in my bag of goodies, I’ll have at least my candles for waxing, ginger for “figging” &clippies for….

“And, if you play together well, you might leave with a gift from me!”

The door will be guarded for privacy &security.

“I’m so looking forward to the mischief we make!”
Signed, your “bodacious Madame,”

Stay tuned… I’ll let you know what happens next!



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