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The “Size Matters Vaginal Pump” is a fun and sexy play toy for both single women and women who want to add something new to their relationship. (And a great gift from an evolved partner!)

I was hesitant to purchase a ”Va-JJ Pump.” It sounded too pornographic and looked like a waste of money. But, after being asked by many to review toys, I decided to get over my preconceived ideas and try one. I decided to purchase this “Pussy Pump“ because it was reasonably priced for my “Downstairs Retreat”  and came without a motor or the need for batteries.

Assembling it was simple. All I had to do is attach the hose to the cup and Voila! If you aren’t sure the hose is connected correctly, you can always try it around your nipple. Way fun to see the suction suck your boob right up! An erotic zone for many of us women! (But wherever you use it, go slowly as the suction can get very intense.)

Even with it sucking my tit properly, it’s not a big surprise that the first attempt to suck my “Sugarwell” was somewhat aggravating… I just couldn’t figure out how to make it “Snatch” me. 🙂

But because I want my information to be genuine and useful for my readers, I have learned to give myself time to adjust to new experiences. So, giving myself time to learn, play and feel a new sexy toy has become a conscious part of my blogging process. My mindset has to be thoughtful and thorough, not superficial and incomplete. In other words, when trying a new toy or implement, I must try using it several times and in different ways before reviewing it. Annoyance & impatience is just not an option.

Learning to use your new Sex Toy

Even though at first, I couldn’t figure out how to get the suction working, I kept at it with firm determination. It wasn’t until my husband saw my struggle that he tried, with his skillful hands to fit it on me himself. Without success, for now, the second time, he came up with the problem and then a solution. He figured that my “Fur Burger” was impeding my suction success. So I de-haired my “Kitty Cat” (With a new product that I will review at a later date.) before making a third attempt at “the suck.” Of course, he was right. (And I want to pass this revelation on to any person wanting to try a “Mound of Venus” pump.) Get hairless where the edge of the pump needs to sit before attempting to first use it.

Once “sans” hair, I was able to figure out how to manipulate my “lips et tout” to fit inside the pretty pink cup. At that point, my domed p>ump was able to clutch my “Silk Purse.” I understand that after removing some, or all of your hair a bit of lube along the seam is helpful to maintain the seal. Here is the recommended lube Adam & Eve Lube that works well for just that purpose.

On my initial run, I wanted full control to inhale & exhale. It became apparent after one or two serious pumps, the suction could get very strong. I wanted to understand the joy of “the pull” without my husband controlling it and possibly hurting me and that made it easier to tell him my limits with my new “Trim Pump.”

So I laid back (because I found it to be the best way to keep the suction working,) chilled, and gave my “Lady Treasure” a chance to feel its unique tugging sensation.

My Pussy Pump Story

There was another interesting realization that I had not yet considered. The ”Yoni Pump” is quite different from oral sex. Mostly because a mouth could never in combination, suck my lips and clitoris with such vigor and consistency. (At least not that I have experienced!) And with the “Lady Pocket Pump” under my power, I was able to strengthen (and release) the action to my heart and my “Peach Blossom’s” content.

It felt strange at first. But, as the minutes passed I began to get comfortable with the pink dome sucking my ­­­­­“Spicy Taco.”  A strong sensation on, around and through all of my most sacred spot. Curious as to what it looked like, I tried to view what was happening to my “Box” under the hood. (This turned into a Cirque De Soleil move.) In fact, it was so difficult to see, I decided to include a private photograph (for your eyes only.) Through the condensation, like with my tit we could vaguely make out that my “Front Bottom” was beginning to fill up the entire dome. (It was pretty cool!)

We certainly hoped it wasn’t going to miss-form my “Greybox.” Glad to say, that even though it made my lips and especially my clit swell, it didn’t remain like that for all that long. (Or was that for not long enough?)

How it worked for me!

How it worked for me!

Besides the pull and the temperature increase (yum), I started to feel those liquids (the condensation I saw) trickling inside my “Snatch.” Maybe sweat, maybe “Honey Pot” juice. Frankly, I didn’t care… All I know is that the pink dome was making my “Cooter” more moist and juicy. And, to my husband’s delight, it began to make me wiggle!

By this time I had clearly left my head (well… my top head, hee hee hee) and was entirely into what my “Whoo-whoo” was feeling. So much so that I began getting more risqué by squeezing the pump to make the suction even stronger and to hopefully add to the growing slipperiness I was enjoying. I left it on for at least 15 minutes the first time. (I understand other adventurous ladies have kept it on for as long as 45 minutes.)

When we both couldn’t wait any longer, I pressed the release trigger and my hot suction ride was over. But my “Beef Curtains” and very swollen clit remained enlarged and vibrating from its new found size and the cool air. It was remarkable to see how the blood had made every part of my “Punani” darker, bigger and more sensitive. We both wanted to touch it!

The sex play after was good, but I can’t honestly say the “Muff Pump” added to it very much. Instead, I figured out that it gave us a new kind of foreplay. In fact, without waiting for any partner, my pink dome has granted me a new kind of masturbation for my “Nether Region” on several occasions.

I can have fun playing all by myself whenever I want!

This “Beaver pump” measures 3″ x 4.25″. If this sounds too good to be true, you can order it for yourself or as a holiday gift right here “Size Matters Vaginal Pump”  and “Adam & Eve Lube.”

BUT… If you think  you might need a larger dome measuring 3″ x 5.5,” go for this one “High-Intensity Vagina Pump.” 

High Intensity Vagina Pump

I understand this High-Intensity Vagina Pump is also effective…. If you purchase either pump, let me know what you think. Enjoy!