MadameSamanthaB Reads a Sexy Spanking Story

You may wonder if this story is about me… Well, you will just have to guess!

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She tries to be good, really. Well, maybe she doesn’t try that hard… Some people are predisposed to following directions and being obedient. Not her. Her forte is to be provocative, always suggestive& tease whenever possible. It gets her in trouble…

A Public Spanking

One time her naughty behavior went too far, and she knew it. At the end of her visit on the East coast, her host was so disturbed by her tease that during the drive back to the airport he told her he was going to punish her. So, while he drove down the New Jersey Turnpike, he told her to raise her skirt, lower her panties to her knees and bend over the seat of the car. A public spanking! He wanted her bottom in full view and within arm’s reach.

Naughty Girl gets Spanked

At first, shocked by his instruction, she knew he was angry and deadly serious. Admittedly feeling embarrassed by her own sassy behavior, while driving at 65 mph, she didn’t dare argue. In this rare instance, she knew she well deserved to be punished and therefore upped her skirt and lowered her panties. Humiliated at the possibility of being seen, she looked around impishly and then slowly bent over the seat with her bare ass high and in full view of him and any trucker who happened to drive by.

Heading towards the airport, in broad daylight with her bottom up in the air (and concerned her privates were exposed,) he pulled out a wooden brush that had been hidden under his seat. Before he began, he told her to count aloud each of the 40 smacks (10 for each day) she was going to receive on her bare ass.  Then without regret (and with one eye on the traffic) intermittently between driving maneuvers, he began paddling both cheeks. Doing as instructed she cried out as her bottom began to get sorer with each stroke. Mortified and thrilled by this event, her privates began gushing.

Sore Bottom

Unfortunately for her, he must have done this before because he seemed proficient at it. Occasionally the brush intentionally missed her behind and landed on her partly exposed pussy instead. He told her he was going to make sure she exited the car with such a sore bottom (and pussy) that she would never forget this drive and what she would get for acting so poorly. Each time the wooden backing hit her bottom she cried out. As long as she stayed still, he didn’t care about her cries. In fact the louder she cried the more he knew the lesson would be remembered. Unusual as it was, she did what she was told and her bottom got sorer and redder with every stroke. It was true, she was not going to ever forget this drive!

The truck drivers going by might not have heard her cries from each smack on her bottom, but they sure got a good view of a very bad girl’s bare bottom getting what it deserved!  In fact, one of them even honked their horn.

Arriving at the terminal she was sufficiently shamed by this strange public punishment. Not commenting on the tears rolling down her cheeks, her host told her to pull up her pants. He then instructed her to explain her discomfort to whomever she sat next to on the plane. Clarifying in detail that she had been too provocative and flirty while visiting her friend. So, on the way to the airport, he had given her a bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush. He then handed her the brush! After those instructions, she gingerly got out of the car wiping her tears and went inside to face her next dilemma; sitting down!