Audio Reading for your Erotic Listening Pleasure

My dirty mind always goes to naughty girls needing correction… If you’re the same… stick around!

With that in mind, this is another one of my very favorite juicy stories… This time, I felt everything (in my head& my body) as I wrote it. Does it capture your imagination & make you warm too?

Pre Erotic Fantasy;

It all began while sitting next to one another in elementary school. He was handsome, athletic, and smart. She especially liked the sparkle in his eyes when he smiled shyly. Mad crush I say…mad crush!

She lived on a busy dead-end street. Each house was brimming with kids. Fortunately, he only lived a few streets over and would often join their block activities. The kids had scheduled meet-ups on their front yards where they tumbled and piled up on top of one another like puppies Whenever there was a “rumble” scheduled, you can bet she was out there seeking those dark eyes.

Basketball was another popular neighborhood activity. He loved basketball and luckily her house was the only one with a hoop just under her window. Even in junior high, she spent many hours peeking out that window just to get a glimpse of him playing below.

Like a typical girl crush, her heart jumped just walking by his house on the way to school. She remembered the time they secretly sat in the family’s VW bug holding hands. It was dreamy. Unbeknownst to him, Barbra Streisand’s song, HE TOUCHED ME became “their song.” In the dark hours while under the covers, her vinyl copy got worn. Obsessed in silence, her endearing love for him lasted years.

Always bound by their shared childhood experiences, time marched on. Finally, in high school, he asked her out and a date was set. Just as quickly, he broke that date and never called back…

Almost Erotic Story;

Lives are full, with families grown… Though thousands of miles separated them, business circumstances reconnected them over dinner one night. Excited and nervous she awaited his arrival. He towered her and was still handsome and fit. His dark eyes had turned sexy. It was then while breaking bread, they each took the opportunity to admit their significant mutual childhood charms towards each other. Vibrating from deep inside, with eyes fixed, they sat stunned taking in this exceptional moment.

Coveting memories well beyond playing basketball under her window and holding her hand, he confessed his historic love. The canceled date in high school was his biggest regret. Back then, he was just too shy to call back. She got away. Those innocent feelings are the kind that runs deep in the fibers of our souls. They are responsible for developing who we are as time passes. We never forget. The images are vivid and filled with memories that are either true or not.

So rare a coincidence to hear mutual admissions from the person who captured your heart as a child. Something about that shared history connected them in the current moment. And, completely out of the left field, what started as a friendly memorable dinner morphed into something quite different. Something still silently smoldering. Without explanation, their reciprocated truth linked them once again; capturing a secret part of them both. An energy that didn’t resemble a childhood connection, but a developed intense carnal one.

He was no longer the shy boy holding her hand in the Volkswagen. At the table, with unwavering determination, he reached for her hand. Invisible sparks flew. It was today and they had found one another again. He wanted her and told her so. They wanted each other. So, to satisfy this intoxicating attraction from afar, they became pen pals. Writing provocative, wanting pros to each other. Coveting this developing rapport their cravings flourished. Secretly, his dominant presence occupied her fantasy life. He began giving her erotic writing assignments to complete. Her personal orgasm story was first. Initially embarrassed by its private invasion, she decided to tackle it with the passion and fluidity it required.

One day stealthily aroused she wrote to interrupt him. Brushing aside the importance of his work, she proudly reported to him with her completed personal “O Story.” Naughtily she intentionally disturbed his train of thought…giggling all the while.

At first welcoming, his written tone shifted to annoyance. He wrote that her interruption was going to get her a punishment. Shocked and excited by this new twist she held her breath at the keyboard.  Was he serious? Did he really want to punish her? The possibility became fodder at bedtime. Giving her saucy, stimulating scenarios to develop while lying in bed with her hands under the covers once again. More than just her story writing exploded.

Part 2 is next… where this Erotic Fantasy takes flight… YUM!