#1 Spanking Party Video Clips: Watch this Pro-Disciplinarian Shoot Videos & Spank Naughty Girls

Preparing for & Attending a (consensual &safe) Spanking Party

I realized that there are many spanking enthusiasts that haven’t gone to a spanking party before. This post was created for that person who might consider attending with more information…

So, I decided to make these clips to give you a sense of what it really feels like from a Pro’s perspective. I hope it helps clear up some of the mystery!


Dressing for a Spanking Party

Late night thoughts about spanking parties…and kink in general.

Whether you’re watching or doing, spanking parties are awesome!



Undressing after a spanking party evening

Since I am never naked… Do you ever wonder what I wear underneath my outfits?

MadamesamanthaB, pink panties,

What is underneath?

Spanking House Productions

These are the two costume changes that Miss Elizabeth approved before I shot with her.

Resting after my very first shoot for Miss Elizabeth from Spanking House Productions with Rachel Adams, the bondage queen!


Attending a Kinky Party

Here I am, a cheer coach in the video clip I shot with Sarah Gregory. She had me give it to both Stevie Rose aka @SpankStevie90 & Adrianna aka @Lil_BluBunny.


This next clip offers some food for thought around the subject of kink!


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