#2 Spanking Party Video Clips& Pictures: Watch this Pro-Disciplinarian of Naughty Girls

Preparing for & Attending a (consensual &safe) Spanking Party

I realized that there are many spanking enthusiasts that haven’t gone to a spanking party before. This is the second post created for that person who might consider attending if they had a better idea of what goes on at them… ahead of time…

So, I decided to make these clips to give you a sense of what it really feels like from a Pro’s perspective. I hope it helps clear up some of the mystery & sheds light on the fun!

Sarah Gregory getting ready for a Spanking Party

I look forward to Spanking Parties MONTHS in advance!








Dressing for or Undressing after a spanking party evening

Since you are never able to see me naked… Do you ever wonder what I wear underneath?


And more getting ready… or going to sleep…Hmmm…

How I unwind after a spanking evening…


If attending one of these wonderful parties is on your bucket list… Know that I will be hosting the largest national #LoneStarSpankingParty in Houston next month. Here is the link to register. (The cost will rise on May 1.)

If you are lucky enough to attend, please introduce yourself to me!



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