Advice for “After Spanking Party Blues”

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Say you’re home, just back from a spectacular Spanking Party weekend. You watched spankings happen. You received spankings and even gave a few spankings. It was a dream come true, right?

After Spanking Parties: Dreams come true?

Now… it’s Monday morning and you’re back at work… in a sort of a deep and dark state of mind… After such a thrilling weekend, how could this be?

You are experiencing after party blues. Rest assured, you’re not alone! Most of those who were just at the same party are also in the doldrums. Especially if they were new at attending a party all about making your dreams come true!

Here are a few suggestions to balance out reality after such an extraordinary experience:

1) This is the first & perhaps the most important time to pull out those “mental nuggets of Spanking/Kinky memories” you have stored in your head from the weekend.

Take lunch time, bath time, break time to bask in those memories of what just happened:

“Did that girl really happily lay across my knee and allow me to spank her? Did she then ask me to pull down her panties to give her a bare bottom spanking?”

Was I dreaming or did I get wet as that man looked me in the eyes, verbally reprimand me for driving too fast and then bent me over the table to paddle my bottom…with my pants down?”

“Was that woman really chastising me in front of a room full of people? Did she then boss me to bend over the arm of the couch? And then announce that she was going to humiliate me by pulling down my panties and spank me for all to witness?”

So many fine memories…!

Secret Spanking Party Memories

2) In a safe place or in code, write down some of the highlights you don’t EVER want to forget. This will assure you NOT to forget some of your juiciest details.

3) Don’t spend hours “perving” online. (It could make acclimating back into reality even more difficult.) Instead, only set pre-arranged chunks of time perving and keep to that plan.

4) During those set chunks of time, get on FetLife and make sure you are connected to all of the new friends you just made at the party. Savor this time!

Friend each one. Remind and thank them for the time you spent together. Perhaps even ask if there was something you could have done even better. And remember, they may be experiencing the “after party blues” as well!

Learn from each Spanking Party

5) Learn from each experience you had at the party. Analyze how you felt during different encounters. (Write that down also… if it is safe to do so.)

What interactions worked well and gave you the result you wanted?

Which interactions fell short?

What was the difference and why?

Were there things you might not want to say or do at your next party?

Are there new ideas or goals you want to achieve next time?

6) Do fun vanilla stuff: Go to the movies, out to dinner, visit with vanilla friends or family. Do things that will balance out the unique experience you just had. (Only pinch yourself in private!)

More Spanking parties

7) Remember, there will be another party to attend. It will be different, but if you play your cards right, it will be just as exciting and unique!

After Kinky Party Blues too

These tips apply to any kinky party you may attend.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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