Covid19: How I deal with (kink-less times) during isolation

In case you missed it the first time…

Isolation as a Kinky Person during Covid19

OMG, this is tough!

Identifying as a kinky person who thrives on connecting with other kinky people, living without playtime together. It’s just awful!

The only way I’ve learned to deal with such adversity is by digging deep into my back pocket. That’s where my collection of tools are kept. The ones I’ve gathered over the years.

Hopefully, sharing my life experience can in some way add value to you. You know what they say… If the shoe fits.

My kinky, spanking friend & author Jillian Keenan asked me to shoot a video addressing how I am dealing with the isolation that comes with Covid19. Here is that video. You are welcome to share it if you like.


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