Crimson Moon 7.17 The Wicked& Tenacious Tasha #7

An Audio Recording for Your Listening Pleasure

Tasha Hastings is a woman like no other!
As the bravest Trans woman in our spanking/kinky community, she is bright, articulate, engaging as well as saucy and spectacularly beautiful!

MadameSamanthaB at Crimson Moon 7.17

Given the privilege of photographing her while attending the July Crimson Moon party this year, I watched as her essence seeped through the lens of my camera. If you don’t believe me, look at these pictures! (It is well worth clicking on an image to enlarge the galleries.)

Bondage for Tasha by Lady Alice

Bull Whip play

MadameSamanthaB  Spanks, Flogs & Whips

In addition to the eye candy that Tasha provides, I would like to include an important portion of a letter that Yoni (our Crimson Moon host) recently sent her. His words address the heart of Tasha as well as recognize the contribution she has made to both the LBGTQ & Kink communities. She is a pioneer at a time of turmoil. Photographing you was a pleasure, Tasha. Mazel!

“Tasha Dear-
I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done to open, not just Crimson Moon, but from the entire spanking scene in this country to the entire LGBTQ community.
Heather Anne & I had decided to pull Crimson Moon into the 21st century. We laid out a plan and before we could take it much further, there you were.
And you were so much fun, so real. And that was pretty much it. You opened that door in a way no one else could have.
I want you to know it is my opinion the entire LGBTQ spanking community owes you a debt of gratitude.
Most people who break ground in the spanking community, never get recognized, let alone credited or appreciated for paving the way for others. But you are a ground-breaker, and I just wanted you to know, I recognize what you’ve done, and I am grateful.
You truly are a special person.
Yours, Yoni”

xox MadameSamanthaB


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