Public// My Interview & a Next Member Teaser with #ClareFonda aka @MsJamieFoster

My Daringly, Smart, Fetish Friend & Porn Star Clare Fonda/MsJamieFoster

I call her “Clare.” We met years ago at a Shadow Lane National Spanking Party. She was a hot spanking diva with a brilliant & most foul-mouth. A mouth she also uses as a stand-up comedian.

Then, just before turning 50, my favorite cougar with more chutzpah than most launched a new career as a porn star named @MsJamieFoster

It’ll be a fun introduction to our back story & the friendship we’ve grown over the many years.


Here is my interview with fellow kinkster, comedian& friend, Clare Fonda aka MsJamieFoster from 2018. She was sassy, smart, sexy & honest!

“Welcome to the whacky world of Clare Fonda aka MsJamieFoster!”

Clare joins me from her home in the San Fernando Valley, California. While doing her manicure (not pedicure!) she explains her sexy history moving from the spanking world to the porn world. A daring move for this… almost 50-year-old Cougar extraordinaire!

My Next Post for Members “A Kitchen Lesson!”

Includes a video with me showing my favorite Cougar & Porn star #ClareFonda aka @MsJamieFoster a hot lesson!

The images above are from a spanking video Clare & I shot together. The actual video (A KITCHEN LESSON!) will be available when you become a Member

The scenario goes… I am renting Clare a room in my “House of Kink,” but Clare turns my house into a “House of ill repute!” She’s been inviting men to have sex in my house! “Of all the nerve!”

In my kitchen, with my green spatula (& more) I show her what I think of her behavior!

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You can find Clare/Jamie at and @MsJamieFoster on Twitter


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