How are you doing? Are you still in the “pinch me” stage? Or, have you integrated back into your “vanilla” life while realizing your fantasies can come true… sometimes? It really does add a secret smirk on your face, doesn’t it? Aren’t we lucky?

A new concern for this senior… Covid19. Just got back my test and it is NEGATIVE! I want to thank every one of you for keeping me safe! THANK YOU!

Here are random photos I took over our luscious play weekend… (each one posted with permission.)

The Vendors Faire Spanking Booth got a lot of attention and raised over $1500 for C research! So proud of us! Thank you!

These were sexy shots taken in the main suite… where there was much chat & discipline being dished out!

I get lit up just thinking about hosting the Saturday night Dress to Impress dinner! And then this happened!

There are several things this Madame finds to do with the mirrored coffee table in her room… Here is just one, ha!

Sunday night is our Pajama Party… you know, time to wind down… Yeah, sure!

If you still haven’t attended a spanking party, and want to… Start preparing for next year’s Lone Star in Nov 2022 (it’s never too early!)

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