This past Labor Day weekend was my 2021 inauguration back into my favorite fetish… spankings! And, although I didn’t formally attend the ShadowLoge party… I did shoot videos in the hotel for @SarahGregory02 & @Spankchief with a select group of models (all of whom were vaccinated& tested.)

In this custom video, I was cast as @SarahGregory02’s mother (I can get that) & @VeronicaWestonX’s  “grandmother” (shocking!) Veronica is brought into Mother & Father (Sarah&John) & me, Grandmother (!) in handcuffs. We each take our hand to Veronica’s bottom until @SnowMercy arrives. Snow, the disciplinarian helps with even more punishments to Veronica’s adorable & shapely backside!.

In this video, Veronica breaks a girl’s leg during a soccer game! I bring her home, strip her of her uniform & spanked her hard!


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MadameSamanthaB (!)