An Audio Recording for your & my listening pleasure…

MadameSamanthaB Reads Her Kinky Story

Told in my own voice, here is a sexy fantasy I wrote. Be prepared for my kind of salacious fun!
He shut the door and we were finally alone. I walked over to one end of the long couch& sat down. Trying to look more at ease, I tucked one leg under me as I watched him walk around the coffee table and sit down at the other end.

What happens on the couch, stays on the couch!

“I’m nervous, are you?” I asked.
Very matter of fact he said “No.”
What was I thinking? Of course, he wasn’t nervous, this was his office, his couch. I was the guest.
Chit chat chit chat….Sitting like bookends without any books he reached across the void & took my hand. A surreal moment I had pined for. His fingers toyed with mine. It was electric. I couldn’t speak. My mouth might have gone silent, but my body sure seemed to have something to say.
His pulse became my turn-on switch. Chit chat, chit chat… then, looking into his eyes, his words went from news to strict.
He turns her on
“You need to be punished don’t you?”
My lips went dry. Who moaned? He didn’t stop. Quiet and steady he continued scolding me like a barge with a deep, long, fog horn. Twitching, I could say nothing. My entire body was vibrating.
“There have been just too many times that you have disturbed my work!”
I was silently stunned, mesmerized by his voice. Both of us were surprised by my sudden lack of words.
With an obvious agenda, he took my hand and solidly pulled me across his knees. He was going to spank me! Was I dreaming? Easily sliding over his lap with my head down, I stared at his monogrammed sleeve as he held me in place. My backside swayed and pinched feeling the targeted attention. Completely controlling my body, his left hand began squeezing my ass. Feeling sexy, I lost my breath. Over my right shoulder, his monologue just kept coming. Smack, smack, smack!
“Shhh…Keep your voice down!”
Though his rough treatment aroused me wildly, I couldn’t see his face and wanted to. And, knowing we only had a finite amount of time for our rendezvous, I wriggled back, kneeling on the couch so our eyes could relax in each other. He seemed pleased to see my face. Without missing a beat, I swung my knee over both of his. Straddling him like in my secret fantasies, I sat down firmly, directly on his crotch. Now gladly facing him, both sets of my lips were wanting more and he knew it. Our mouths were close but we knew about the “no kissing” rule. So, to divert our attention away from those lips, his hands confidently grabbed my shoulders, smashing me down on his aroused package with enough pressure to spread me open in my pants. No amount of restraint could keep me from wiggling. So close, we both heard me moan. Matching my spontaneity, while still speaking his spicy reprimands his hands began migrating down my back. I shivered as his fingers sweep around my waist and he pulled me closer in. Then, with worldly skill, his hands slide under my shirt and bra, seizing my breasts directly. He held them firmly while his thumbs played sweetly with my nipples… omg!
“Your breasts are larger than I thought.”
Smiling coyly, I was happy to know that there was yet another part of my anatomy that had caught his attention.
Ring, ring. Darn! My phone rang. Untangling our mound of body parts, I reached to mute my phone and then lay back with my head on the arm of the couch embodying Greta Garbo’s most alluring pose. He took that opportunity to look at his own phone.
“Hey, this is my time. Get off your phone.”
While placing the phone back on the table his eyes turned to see me stretched out for his viewing. That was when I realized I was pulsating and slippery between my legs.
Sexy Verbal Scolding continues…
Enhancing my heat, even more, he resumed his verbal scolding while he slowly crawled into me. Saying he’d actually kept a running list of each of my indiscretions. It was saucy and I was still speechless. But this time my legs could & did fully wrap around his waist. I wanted him inside of me. I squeezed him as my privates flattened against him once again. In a fervent voice, as his hands reached to clutch my boobs again, he noted my apparent need to rub on him. It seemed neither one of us could get enough. Our bodies and minds felt bound together. Almost as if I belonged to him. I was overwhelmed. Without thought, my hand reached out and grabbed him through his pants. He was hard. Backing up out of reach he said in a stern voice.
“Who said you could touch me?”
Honestly… I could only whimper.
Nose to nose his serious eyes had me entranced. We paused, both knowing real life was on its way. Then there was a knock on the door and we both froze.
“Please let your wife know her appointment is here.”
“OK, she’ll be out in a few minutes,” he responded.
Giggling, our ritual continued. We grabbed our rings off the coffee table and like a ceremony, replaced them on each other’s left hand. Our eyes smiled deeply and our arms melted around each other. Knowing the game and therefore the “no kissing” rule was over, was always my favorite moment. We had time to lock lips deeply and love one another. And that’s exactly what we did. Recharged by his adoration, I jumped up to re-position my moist panties and organize my disarrayed clothing. Heading towards the door, I turned quickly, winked, and said,
“Don’t be late for dinner my love.”